Our clients’ perspective at online events: your role as technical secretary

23 Jun 2021

Let’s take a look back in time… March 2020: all your speakers are ready at train stations, airports, catching their transfers… All your secretary boxes are ready, all the materials are on site, registration is underway, the programs and other documentation have been printed, the suits have even been ironed and put into their garment bags, but suddenly… everything changes…

Our professional and personal lives take a 360º turn and we realize that events and conferences as we knew them won’t be back for a long time.

Our job as technical secretary is to calm the society or association that sees their plans come to a halt, conveying a message of reassurance to our client and earning their trust so that everything goes forward, just in a different way.

There was no other choice.  If we wanted to keep providing our services, we had to move our work to the digital platforms and exchange those social interactions for online interactions over our computer screen. 

Many clients were reluctant to change. Many companies in the sector held out hope that everything would soon return to the “old normal”.

That often happens when you are forced to change something against your will. But in the end, it had to be done because some things couldn’t be delayed any longer: professional training in fields that require constant learning and which are vitally important, like medicine. 

Changing the training model through the online conference platform meant a radical change in the way we work as secretary and also our clients’ way of working. We took your hand (virtually, of course) to show you that anything is possible and that the OnSite conference platform brought new opportunities: a greater ability to attract an international audience, production process reduction, lower costs for our clients…

If you haven’t yet done so, or maybe you have but you’re not 100% convinced about the result, don’t hesitate! We’ll advise you and give you the best option to continue your services and satisfy your client.