We accompany you in decision-making.

Opt for personalization. We offer personalized support by actively listening and proposing solutions that are adapted to each client’s needs.

360 Consulting

What is 360 consulting?

We accompany the client in each and every stage of the event so that they have our support and advice immediately, from administrative aspects to the most technical ones. We have many years of experience and an extensive team that helps us be able to offer ideas and solutions in all phases of your project. From software to websites, to managing registrations, to stage, design and audiovisual consulting. Many people now rely on us to provide a global technological solution for their projects.


We are trainers in online events, so that you and your team will discover in depth all the details necessary to hold an online event.


We have helped numerous clients improve their experiences in the online events.


We adapt the budget to your needs.

360 Consulting

How do we work?


We help you to find out the best technological solution for your event, conference or training through a detailed study.

360 Consulting
360 Consulting


We always precisely analyze before starting to offer solutions. We like to get to know you before starting to generate value.

360 Consulting


Personalized solutions for every occasion.

360 Consulting